Buying a Supplement Plan Online in 2019

Buying Medigap online, in today’s technologically forward society, makes sense. It can be easy and effortless and time-saving too. Plans can be compared without any hassle and all the companies selling the Medicare supplement plans within the state are listed. With this information, it is possible to find the best rate possible. While most of the insurance company’s websites are legit and are not a cause for concern, precautions are always good to stay safe and avoid any kind of fraud.

Below are five tips to shop for Medigap policies online:

  • Direct Insurance Company might not be the best option:

It is always better to compare as many companies as possible and there is no particular discount given for working directly with any insurance company while looking for Medicare supplement plans. It is better if there is an independent agent. The agent can review the healthcare options annually and can look at the policies before the policy anniversary to suggest some better options if possible. Also by working with the agent there will be no conflict of interest between the policyholder and insurance company as the agent will have a complete fiduciary responsibility to the client, that is, the policyholder.


  • Rates:

All the insurance companies offer the same rates. It doesn’t matter which policy is chosen or which company is selected, the rates are always the same because a Medicare supplement plan needs to be approved by the Stae’s Insurance department before it could be sold by the insurance companies. Hence, all the rate that are sold by the insurance providers for different policies is approved by the state.

  • Divulging personal information to an unsecured site can be dangerous:

Make sure that the website is legitimate and that the personal information is given to a trusted and safe website. It could be dangerous to give any information to a malicious site. Make sure the reviews are read about the website or ratings of any kind are available.

  • The privacy policy of seller’s website for Medicare supplement plans:

There is usually a Privacy policy mentioned below on the websites. Check out these policies to see if they agree to keep the information to themselves. It should state explicitly that the data is private and will not be shared or sold to a third party. This is important because some websites sell the visitors information to independent insurance agents as potential leads and they might not even enroll in the Medicare supplement plans.

  • Not all rates are visible:

There might be some sites which modify the information to try and sell policies which could bring them maximum commissions. Be aware of such sites and look and verify before selecting a particular website.